Welcome to Lisa La Moda

"I want it to feel as though you are walking into an Exclusive Club with all the luxurious appointments and comforts."


My desire for style & beauty came early! I remember as a very young girl, watching Sophia Loren, Ava Gardener and Elizabeth Taylor - transfixed by their almost luminous beauty; a look I wanted to emulate.

I studied their images closely, from how they styled their hair, to the application of their makeup, noting that the thread that links these timeless beauties is sheer glamour! Modern icons of today I style gaze at are; Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez.

Having studied fashion design and fashion photography at Amersham College, I embarked upon a career as an Image Stylist Consultant incorporating makeup artistry as well as modeling. I proudly display all my qualification certificates framed in my office - a reminder of how hard I worked to achieve them.

Good fortune has led me to visit and live in some of the most fabulous places in the world; Monte Carlo in Monaco being my absolute favourite. Being a customer of some of the most exclusive boutiques in the world has set the benchmark for me personally to achieve the highest standards of both quality and service offered to my clientele today at Lisa La Moda.

The Lisa La Moda Showroom... so much more than a boutique - from the black velvet sofas and crystal chandeliers to the white orchids and handmade chocolates, with sexy samba music playing in the background - the ambiance is set to fill your senses!

Each and every piece of clothing and jewellery I have personally selected ensuring that there is a part of what I stand for at the heart of the whole shopping experience.

I eat, sleep and breathe my business... and I think it shows!

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