Bracelet Set comprising bracelet and earrings


This item is only available in store, to check availability simply call the boutique on 01753 883217.


At Lisa La Moda we always bring you the most stunning and glamorous jewelry available. This is one of our most popular items as it can be worn with so many different outfits. The set works beautifully for so many different occasions. Notice how the stones reflect the light and every colour of the rainbow. The earrings have fittings for pierced ears. These stunning items can be bought as a set, or separately, if you prefer. 

Materials Used

The stones are made from Cubic Zirconia. As any jeweller will tell you, high quality Cubic Zirconia stones are almost impossible to tell from diamonds without the help of a trained eye and a microscope. One of the main reasons for using Cubic Zirconia is of course the cost since the same thing in diamonds would cost a king’s ransom. Bear in mind that CZ is technically the more perfect product as it can be made without the imperfections that appear in real diamonds.

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